Recent News
October 12, 2006
Echo PWM becomes open source. Developers click here.

April 13, 2006
Echo PWM Version 2 is under development. Preview the new features.

November 12, 2005
Password Manager 1.3 available for download! Release Notes.

Echo Password Manager is a freeware password managing utility, with a clean and easy to use interface that will keep your internet passwords secure and easy to manage. It can memorize user logins and passwords for each user of your computer. Then it automatically retrieves and fills in saved information for e-mail logins, news groups, online banking, shopping and other online activity!

With the Fast Fill Assistant you can quick-program Echo Password Manager to auto fill your user logins and passwords for web sites that were not originally programmed into the software. The ability to backup and restore saved password information in four covenant formats (HTML, Text, MS Excel, EPL), a Password Generator and Validator so you always have the most secure passwords, and multi-language support are just a few of the features included in Echo Password Manager that you will not find in other password organizing utilities.

Echo Password Manager is a must have for any one with online account access to...anything!

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